Tax Sale Information

Electronic Tax Sale will be held Monday October 9, 2017 at 8am for all delinquent 2016 and prior year tax and utility delinquencies


Final date to pay is October 6th by 2pm.  Only cash, certified check or money order will be accepted.

All prior year taxes and water-sewer balances must be paid in full along with all accrued interest, tax sale costs and mailing costs in order to keep the property off the tax sale. Please contact the tax office for more details.

In New Jersey, as in other states, property owners are legally required to pay property taxes on their holdings, and to pay other municipal charges for which they may be liable such as sewer and water charges, special assessments, or liens for abating nuisances such as boarding or removing debris from the grounds of a property.   If a property owner fails to make timely property tax payments, the property may be subject to tax foreclosure, either by the municipality or by a third party who has bought the tax lien from the municipality.  In order to recoup the value of unpaid property taxes, the statute requires that each municipality hold an annual tax sale of properties in arrears on their property taxes. The municipality is not actually selling the properties, however, but the tax liens on the properties; in other words, the right to collect the back taxes from the owner, or, if unsuccessful in that effort, to foreclose on the property. Tax liens are also referred to as tax sale certificates.

The Borough of Red Bank moved to an Electronic Tax Sale in 2012.  An internet based sale provides a larger pool of potential investors which could mean a lower interest rate charged to the home owner and would also mean that fees could be assessed to the individual properties rather than the general tax base.

Red Bank Electronic Tax Sale