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Red Bank Spotlighted Residents

February 2018

Coach Enrico Ciabattoni

Coach Ciabattoni

Soccer Ball and Grass

I became involved with Red Bank youth sports when I volunteered as an assistant coach for my daughter’s first soccer team. After that I was hooked, coaching her through rec and travel soccer, basketball and softball programs. My experience has shown me how sports not only can benefit kids physically but also socially and in building confidence. Organized sports also serve to teach the children how to stay focused and determined as well as problem solving skills. However, I noticed that there were often coaching positions that went un-filled. So, fifteen years later I continue to coach youth sports in Red Bank for boys and girls. Always have and, I suspect, always will. Not too long ago I also co-coordinated the Future Bucs sports program for Red Bank, Shrewsbury and Little Silver kids entering Red Bank Regional High School. I’ve taken the coaching aspect one step further by providing Red Bank youth with academic and athletic opportunities at Brookdale Community College and Monmouth University. One of these has been my relationships within the Monmouth University sports program which allows me to bring Red Bank youngsters for games and practices (soccer and basketball). We have had behind the scenes access to meet the athletes and coaches of a Division 1 school’s sports program to discuss life as an academic athlete. It has been an enlightening experience for the kids. And a rewarding experience for me.