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A Municipal Service Request is a form-based request for service that is automatically sent to the appropriate borough department that the website-registered public may submit via the borough website.

A Municipal Service Request may include a citizen’s request for the repair or installation of safety features on borough-owned public property, such as playground equipment or park lighting, or quality of life issues including recycling pickup, snow removal, the discovery of a pothole, or suspected code violations.

You can submit requests for the following issue types:
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can call your county mosquito control agency. As the pesticide applicator, with professional staff licensed to apply mosquito, larvicides and adulticides, the county agency can answer questions regarding insecticide applications in your community.

  • Patrolling for stray domestic animals
  • Investigations into reports of attacks
  • Investigations into reports of abused or sick animals
  • Response to public complaints concerning lost, stray, injured or nuisance domestic animals
  • Capture of stray domestic animals
  • Keeping records to properly document all calls, activities and animals picked up

Rabies is a fatal disease caused by a virus. It is transmitted through direct contact of infected mammalian body fluids. The disease is usually spread when an infected animal bites another animal or person. However, rabies can be spread when infected saliva, or other fluid, enters an open cut, mouth or eyes. The virus enters the bloodstream and travels to the nervous system where it replicates. The incubation period of rabies can vary depending on the species of the animal and the location of the infection site. It is common practice to quarantine a rabies suspect animal for 10 days. If the animal develops signs of rabies or dies within this period, brain tissue samples are sent to the New Jersey State Rabies Laboratory in Trenton, New Jersey for testing. The animal may have to be quarantined for a longer period depending on the circumstances. It could take several days or months for symptoms to appear. A positive diagnosis for rabies can be made only by laboratory examination of brain and salivary tissues after the death of the animal.

The incidence of rabies has dramatically declined since the 1980's. We have gone from several hundreds of cases of rabies being reported each year to only a few. Public education and preventative measures can go a long way in keeping this disease under control. For more information please contact your local Animal Control Office or Health Department.

Yearly vaccination of dogs and cats is the best way to reduce human and pet exposure. A vaccinated pet that encounters a rabid animal has a much better chance of being treated than an unvaccinated pet. Control of stray animals can decrease the spread of rabies. Contact with wildlife should be avoided and do not keep wild animals as pets! Never attempt to remove or re-locate wildlife without consulting a professional. Always report unusual behavior to the Animal Control Officer.

AVOID wooded areas with dense shrubs and leaf litter.

MAKE your yard less attractive to ticks: mow lawns and prune trees.

WEAR solid, light, colored clothing with pants tucked into socks. Use skin and/or clothing insect repellents for you and your pets. Read label directions carefully.

EXAMINE yourself frequently while in tick-infested areas.

PERFORM a full-body exam on yourself, children, and pets after leaving tick habitat.

REMOVE attached ticks promptly.

USE fine-pointed tweezers.

GRASP the tick's mouth parts close to the skin.

APPLY steady outward pressure.

DO NOT use petroleum jelly, noxious chemicals, or hot objects to remove ticks. Improper removal can increase the chances of infection.

Be prepared to give the court staff member your driver’s license number so that they may assist you.

The court staff cannot offer advice. Depending on the offense, the Judge will advise you.

A plea agreement is a way to settle a case without a trial. Plea agreements are negotiated with the Prosecutor and the involved Police Officer. All plea agreements must be approved by the Judge.

On the back of the summons, in red, is noted that if you intend to plead “Not Guilty” you must notify the court seven (7) days before the court date given on the front of the summons. The date on the summons is a pay by date only. If you fail to call the court and the officer is not scheduled for court that date you will have to be given a second date.

Yes, if it is not marked “Court Appearance required”, and is not listed on the Statewide Violation Schedule, under NJMCDIRECT.COM.

Please view the attached Violations Fee Schedule.

You can only apply for a Public Defender in court. The Judge will determine if you are eligible based on your income.

A Spanish interpreter is always available during court sessions. If you need another language, please inform the court prior to your appearance and it will be arranged.

Please contact Red Bank Public Utilities at (732) 530-2770. If it’s emergency, please call the Police Department at 730.530.2700.

To obtain an estimate please call the office at 732-530-2770, There is no obligation and the estimate is valid for 90 days.

Additional Information; 

Sewer line upgrades 

Fees are effective June 1st, 2014 through May 1st, 2017;

  • 4-inch sewer service up to 8 ft deep is $125.00 per foot (except for County Roads)  
  • 6-inch sewer service up to 8 ft deep is $165.00 per foot (except for County Roads)

Homeowners may request a sewer line upgrade by calling the Borough of Red Bank at (732) 530-2770. You should receive a quote in the mail in about 10 days after the proposal fee has been received and processed. The quote will be valid for 90-days.

Water line upgrades 

Fees are effective June 1st, 2014 through May 31st, 2017;

  • 1-inch water service 1-30 feet $2,200.00 (except for County Roads)
  • 1 1/2-inch water service is $165.00 per foot (except for County Roads)
  • 2-inch water service is $225.00 per foot (except for County Roads)

Homeowners may request a water line upgrade by callng the Borough of Red Bank at (732) 530-2770. You should receive a quote in the mail in about 10 days after the proposal fee has been received and processed. The quote will be valid for 90-days.



2015 Spring/Fall Hydrant Flushing Program

The Spring Hydrant Flushing program will begin on the First Monday of April at 10:00 pm and is scheduled to take five weeks to complete.
The Fall Hydrant Flushing program will begin on the First Monday of October at 10:00 pm and is scheduled to take five weeks to complete.
Semi-annually our staff opens fire hydrant valves to allow water to flow through the pipes. Systematically opening the hydrants enhances water quality by flushing sediment from the main line pipes verifies the proper operation of hydrants and valves, and ensures that the hydrant is operational in case of a fire emergency.
If you see discolored water, shut off the tap and wait several minutes. Then check the clarity by running cold water for a few minutes, allowing new water to work its way into your pipes. Avoid washing laundry until water runs clear at the tap.

Please check first if there are any leaks in your home. Remember that leaks are expensive.

  • A slow drip wastes 15 gallons per day
  • 1/32 inch leak wastes 25 gallons in 24 hours
  • 1/16 inch leak wastes 100 gallons in 24 hours
  • 1/8 inch leak wastes 400 gallons in 24 hours

You can also call the Borough of Red Bank Public Works at 732-530-2770 to do a second reading if you feel your reading is too high.

You may not prune, remove or damage any borough tree in any way. Please refer to the attached Ordiance for further details. If you believe a borough tree needs attention, please contact the Department of Public Utilities. 

This is a scheduled pickup - Please call 732-530-2770
The scheduled curbside pickup begins the second Thursday of April and ends the third Thursday of October.

Please view the attached Road Projects Map.

The pothole hotline number is 732-530-2691. If it’s an emergency please call the Police Department.

One of the many reasons is to keep rainwater pollutants from the environment. Helps recycling from getting contaminated.

Seasonal Pickups

Bulk curbside collection
Curbside collection is in effect from April thru October call to confirm the collection

Brush curbside collection
Curbside collection is in effect from April thru October call to confirm the collection

Leaf Collection
Pickups by zones beginning the 4th Monday of October and ends the 4th Friday in December

Christmas Trees
Begins the 1st week of January until the 2nd week of February
» Remove all decoration, ornaments, tinsel and stands from trees before placing
them curb side
» Please note that artificial trees should not be placed curb side for pickup

Picked up by zones beginning the 4th Monday of October and ends the fourth Friday in December.

Christmas trees will be picked up from the first (1st) week of January until the second (2nd) week of February.

Please remove all decorations, ornaments, tinsel and stands from trees before placing them curb side for pick-up

Artificial trees may not be place curb side for pick up.

32-gallon/50-pound trash can per collection.

Please view the PUblic Utilities webpage, holiday schedule section, for no sanitation pick-up dates.

Preparation & Handling Solid Waste - Shall not be mixed with other materials

Brush - Collected from April through October By appointment only

Leaves - Pickups by zone from the 4th Monday of October till the 4th Friday of December

Leaf Drop for Non-Residential Properties - All persons including landscapers and gardeners are prohibited form placing leaves collected from non-residential properties at curbside or public way for collection

Grass - Is not collected/accepted

Household Furniture/Bulky Waste - Collected from April through October by appointment only

White Good/Light Metal - Collected from April through October by appointment only

Prohibited Materials - Construction Debris, Dirt, Industrial Waste, Automotive Parts, Dead Animals, Surgical Dressings, New or Used Oils

Enforcement 19-10.5

Receptacles, Placement & Removal Receptacles/Trash Cans
- Plastic bags may be used if placed inside the receptacles, not Placed on ground.

Dumpsters - Shall not exceed three (3) cubic yards in size

Defective Receptacles - May be collected as refuse by the borough or its authorized agent

Placement of Materials - Must be placed on scheduled day of collection near as possible to the curb but not in road or any public thoroughfare

Storage/Placement of Receptacles - Can be place out for pickup after 6:00 pm the evening before collection and not after 5:00 am the day of collection and removed by 7:00 pm day of collection

Placement of Brush – Not to exceed 3 inches in diameter,4 feet in length and 3 feet in height.

Public Litter Containers - Not to be used for debris generated from commercial or residential properties

Illegal Dumping - No person shall deposit dump or place any solid waste on any property situated in the borough

All bags of garbage must be placed inside of the cans.

Three 32-gallon/50-pound trash cans per collection per single family.

Monday thru Saturday, 8:00AM until 3:00PM.

Comingle the following items

Aluminum -soda & beer cans

Bimetal -cat/dog food cans, soup cans and vegetable cans

Glass bottles and jars -consist of three colors: green, brown, and clear

Plastic Containers - Plastics listed inside the recycling triangle as #1 & #2


Newspaper -must be tied with a heavy twine in bundles no thicker than 12”

Corrugate -broken down and tied into bundles weighing no more than 40 lbs.

Non-Curragate - cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes

Hard Cover Books -remove covers from books place the paper with your junk mail or mixed paper and the hard cover in with your regular garbage

Junk Mail and Mixed Paper -advertising mail, envelopes, colored and white paper letter heads, construction paper, text books, shredded paper, and telephone books any of these materials can be tied with heavy twine, or placed in brown paper bag marked junk mail or mixed paper

  • Propane tanks
  • Paint
  • Construction and Demolition Debris

First, calculate the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI): Look up the CPI index 4 months and 16 months prior to the end date of the lease. 

CPI tables can be found at http://www.bls.gov/cpi/ on the right hand side, under Regional Resources. Select NYC as the MSA. 

The percent increase is calculated as follows:                                              (CPI of 4 months ago) - (CPI of 16 months ago) / (CPI of 16 months ago).     If this is negative, there is no increase.  

Second, calculate allowable increase:                                                   Multiply current rent by the percent increase calculated above, then add to current rent. Round to nearest dollar. 

Example: Lease ends December 31st, so CPI table is used to look up the CPI for August (4 months prior) and August of the previous year (16 months prior). Let's say the CPI 4 months prior was 250.058 and 16 months prior was 241.569.  The calculation for allowable increase would be:

(250.058 - 241.569) / 241.569  equals 0.035. 

If the current rent was $1,000, the allowable increase would be $35, so the new rent would be $1,035.  

(This example uses actual data taken from August 2011 and August 2010).



Please see the Arbor Day Foundation site for information on tree care.

Mulch piled up into a cone around the trunk kills trees by encouraging decaying fungi, killing the tissue of the inner bark, and harboring animals that gnaw on the bark. Please view the attached document for information on the proper way to mulch.

You may not attach a flyer to any borough tree.

Please contact the Shade Tree Committee, so we can evaluate the location and advise you on the suitable species, the proper planting technique and care. Planting without the permission from the Shade Tree Committee is not allowed.

The Arbor Day Foundation has a good on-line guide for putting the right tree in the right place.

Borough trees are those planted on the borough right-of-way. Typically, the borough right-of-way includes the road, the planting strip between the curb and the sidewalk, the sidewalk itself, and often extends a few feet into your front lawn. Trees in the public parks are also borough trees. If you are not sure whether a tree belongs to you or the borough, please contact the Shade Tree Committee.

I love trees. How can I help?

  • Learn and educate others about the benefits of trees
  • Attend STC meetings to learn about local activities. 
  • Plant trees in your own yard. 
  • Support funding for tree planting and care. 
  • Make a donation to the Red Bank Shade Tree Trust Fund. 
  • Become a "tree steward" for your neighborhood. 
  • Contact the Shade Tree Committee about volunteer opportunities. 
  • Report any tree problems to the Department of Public Utilities. 

It depends on the location and the available funding. Please contact the Shade Tree Committee, so we can evaluate your request.

Please contact the Shade Tree Committee, so we can certainly discuss your request with you.