May I plant my own tree in front of my house on the borough right-of-way?

Procedure for requesting to plant a tree in the right of way

1. Send the request to the STC at or fill out the request form.

2. STC will inspect the location to make sure it is an appropriate planting location

3. If it is determined that it is an appropriate planting location, STC will refer you to the List of STC Recommended Species for you to choose the tree species taking into consideration whether there are wires overhead or not

4. The following is required for planting the selected tree species

a. The tree should be planted by a known landscape company or nursery

b. The tree should be 3.-3.5" caliper in size at the time of planting.

c. The tree should be staked

d. The landscape company/nursery should guarantee the tree for 2 years

e. Planting should be either in the spring or fall depending on the tree species selected

5. Inform STC as soon as the tree has been planted

6. STC will inspect the tree. If it passes inspection, STC will install a gator/water bag on the tree.

7. Please fill the gator bag once a week until the tree has established itself, about a year or so.

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