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Volunteer Interest Form: Application for Appointment to Borough Boards, Commissions & Advisory Committees


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Personal Contact Information
  3. 3. Background & Relevant Experience
  4. 4. Boards, Commissions & Advisory Committees List
  5. 5. Board, Commission & Advisory Committee Preferences
  6. 6. Statement of Interest
  7. 7. Signature
  8. 8. Boards, Commissions & Advisory Committees with Specific Membership Roles
  • Step One

    1. Instructions

      Thank you for your interest to serve as a volunteer on a board, commission, or advisory committee established by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Red Bank. See a full list of boards, commissions and advisory committees to learn more about each board, commission or committee and its application procedure. Completed Volunteer Interest Forms will be kept on file for three years.