Historic Preservation Commission


  • 7:00 p.m.
  • The 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • Courtroom/Council Chambers


Name Title Term Ends Term Length
 Paul Sullivan Class A December 31, 2022 4-year term
 Michaela Ferrigine Class B December 31, 2023 4-year term
 Barbara Boas  Class C December 31, 2021 4-year term
Kalman Pipo Class A/B/C December 31, 2023 4-year term
Christopher Fabricant Class A/B/C December 31, 2024 4-year term
Roseanne Dal Pra Alternate No. 1 December 31, 2021 2-year term
Gary Saphire Alternate No. 2 December 31, 2022 2-year term

The Making of Red Bank, a Centennial Documentary

Learn more about the making of Red Bank in this video documentary. Credit: Yvonne Lamb Scudiery, Marybeth Maida, and the Count Basie Cool School