Smart Card

The smart card is specifically geared towards the convenient use of downtown meters.

The Smart Way to Pay for Parking

To pay for parking with your Smart Card, simply insert it into the slot on the parking meter. The meter will read the tiny microchip embedded in your card and show you how much money is left on your Smart Card.

Your card will automatically begin adding time to the meter in 30 minute increments, deducting that amount of money from the remaining value on your card. When you reach the desired amount of time on the meter, remove your card from the slot.

Cards will not add time beyond the meter's pre-set limit. For example, if your meter is zoned for four hour parking, you will not be able to pay for more than four hours.

  • Convenient - The Smart Card can be used instead of coins at all parking meters in Red Bank.
  • Economical - Just pay for the parking you use. At the parking meter, unused time can be credited back to the Smart Card.
  • Reusable - Smart Cards can be easily replenished at the Parking Utility (if you already own a Smart Card and it is still fully functional. Do not replace it; just replenish parking time as needed.)

Using Smart Cards

The Red Bank Parking Utility has equipped all meters to accept Smart Cards as well as coins!

You won't have to hunt for quarters when you want to park at a meter! Smart Cards are the size of a credit card, so they fit conveniently in your wallet or pocket. Available in $10 pre-set amount from merchants and any denomination from the parking utility office up to $300.

How to Use at a Parking Meter

  • Insert Smart Card into parking meter.
  • The dollar value of the card will flash four times on the meter.
  • Time will be on the meter in increments of 15 minutes.
  • Remove the card when the desired amount of the time is displayed.
  • Re-insert Smart card into meter to refund unused time

To Obtain Time Refund from a Parking Meter

  • After putting time on the meter, at least one minute of that initial time must run down, otherwise the card will not be able to refund your money back to the card and it will start adding additional time.
  • Insert the Smart Card into the parking meter.
  • The dollar value of the card will flash four times on the meter.
  • Then you will see "REF" for refund. Wait until you see the new money balance, you may then remove the card.

Where to Purchase

  • Red Bank Visitors' Center
    140 Broad Street
    Phone: 732-741-9211
  • Red Bank River Center
    140 Broad Street
    Phone: 732-842-4244
  • Eyes First Vision Center
    35 Monmouth Street
    Phone: 732-530-6629
  • Borough of Red Bank
    Department of Public Works
    75 Chestnut Street
    Phone: 732-530-2770
  • Borough of Red Bank
    Parking Utility
    75 Chestnut Street
    Phone: 732-345-8135