Patrol Division

The patrol division is the largest section of the department. This section of the department is responsible for patrolling all areas of the Borough and responding to all calls for police service. In all municipal police departments, the patrol division is the backbone of the department and is considered the first line of defense in the protection of the residents and visitors of Red Bank.

Patrol Vehicles

The current patrol vehicles used by the Red Bank Police Department are Ford Police Interceptors and Ford Utility Police Interceptors. These patrol cars are all equipped with state of the art equipment including, Mobile Data Computers with E-ticketing that allow officers to run motor vehicle checks and wanted persons checks in seconds. They also permit officers to issue summonses and complete accident reports in a fraction of the time that was previously required, thereby increasing efficiency and improving the safety of the officers and the public.

Patrol cars are also equipped with lifesaving tools such as first aid equipment including oxygen and automatic external defibrillators that allow officers to deliver potentially lifesaving controlled electronic shocks to the heart of a patient in cardiac arrest. These units have been invaluable in saving numerous lives within the past several years that otherwise may not have been saved. Patrol vehicles are also now equipped with Narcan, a drug that is used to reverse the effects of opiates, and when used quickly saves lives.


Red Bank police officers are highly trained in all aspects of law enforcement. In the last three years the department has instituted a formal field training program. This twelve week program begins upon an officer's completion of the police academy. The new officer is partnered with an experienced field training officer who has been certified as such by Penn State and/or Northwestern University. During their field training, officers gain real world experience under the guidance of one of our hand selected field training officers. This combined with the outstanding training program taught in our state certified police academies makes today's police officers the most highly trained and well prepared officers in history.

The demands on today's police officers make continual training more important than ever. To that end, our officers spend a combined thousands of hours per year in training in everything from motor vehicle crash investigation to active shooter training. In addition to the training our officers receive, the department also has a cadre of officers who serve as certified instructors at both the department level and at the police academy level, in various disciplines. This insures that we are remaining as current as possible in the ever changing climate of law enforcement.