Marine Park Improvement Project

Thank you for your interest in the Marine Park improvement project.  This page will be updated regularly about the progress that is being made on the design, to share information about the process and to provide notifications on upcoming meetings.  We value your feedback and we look forward to making Marine Park the best park possible for our Red Bank community to enjoy.

Marine Park is certainly a gem to Red Bank, with it's picturesque views of the Navesink River and perfect location. The park provides some of the area's best views of the river and attracts hundreds of visitors each week. It has hosted many special events, concerts and festivals throughout the years and will continue to do so in the future.

In 2017, the Borough made several improvements to the park as Phase 1. This included a new restroom facility, new pump stations and improved electric throughout the park.  Upon completion of these infrastructure improvements, the Borough began the next phase.  Phase 2 encompassed the development process of a concept master plan for future improvements to the park.

To help facilitate the planning and design process, the Borough of Red Bank retained the services of Kimley Horn, a leading park consultant with more than 40 years of experiences. Their task is to work with the community, seeking feedback and ideas to decide the best way to maximize Marine Park.  We are aiming to improve the park for the greater good of Red Bank and public input helps the Borough decide the future of the park for years to come.

Final Concept Plan

After extensive consideration of feedback received from earlier phases, public input, and review by various stakeholders and citizen volunteer committees, Kimley Horn presented a final concept master plan for Marine Park at the public Borough Council workshop meeting on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.  This final plan maximizes green space in a forward-thinking approach that can serve multiple purposes and is programmable.  The plan emphasizes public access and appreciation for the river, while introducing elements that residents, visitors and businesses can enjoy.

Marine Park Final Concept Master Plan 2019 Opens in new window

This final concept master plan will serve as a guiding document for future improvements to the park.  In the coming months, Borough of Red Bank officials will consider possible implementation steps for the master plan.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is happy to answer any questions at 732 530 2782.  We thank you for your interest.

Summary of Second Meeting

The second session of meetings took place on May 2 at the Senior Center.  Two public input sessions were held.  4:30 to 6 & 7 to 9. 

Based on the preliminary feedback we received at the first public meeting sessions held on April 9, the design team at Kimley-Horn took a preliminary pass as the development of three conceptual bubble diagrams which suggest several alternatives of how the park may be developed.  The suggestions are not final.  They are preliminary and represent very early conceptual ideas.  We ask that you study the alternatives and select your preferred option for further consideration.  In addition to selecting your preferred option, please feel free to comment on all or one of the alternatives in the feedback box below (e.g. which options listed you prefer, dislike, location, etc.).  An interactive questionnaire was done by all participants and the meeting agenda is here.  Similar questions presented at the meetings are available via the digital survey located at the top of this page.            

Concept Diagram Survey Question Link...Which of the 3 concepts plans to you feel is the best?

Concept 1:Concept 1 Diagram

Concept 2:Concept 2 Diagram

Concept 3:Concept 3 Diagram

Summary of First Meeting
(The first sessions took place on April 9th at Borough Hall Courtroom.  Two public input sessions were held.  4:30 to 6 & 7 to 9.  

Kimley Horn presented some recent history of the Park and explained their background as well as highlighted the planning process.  All ideas were welcomed and recorded from the public.   Please click the link below to open the file which includes all the suggestions from both sessions.

Marine Park - Meeting #1 SUMMARY