Other Plans & Studies

  1. Attachment A--2009 Re-Examination Report (DOC)
  2. Attachment B-River Center Map (PDF)
  3. Attachment C-Train Station Overlay District (PDF)
  4. Attachment D-Establish Residential Densities in the BR-1 and 2 Zones (PDF)
  5. Attachment E-Establish Residential Densities in CCD-1 and 2 Zones (PDF)
  6. Attachment F-Allowing commercial parking facilities as conditional uses in BR-1 and 2 Zones (PDF)
  7. Attachment G--Ordinance Allowing Leasing of Unused Parking Spaces (PDF)
  8. Attachment H--2018 Ordinance Creating a strong Historic Preservation Commission (PDF)
  9. Attachment I-Settlement with Fair Share Housing (PDF)
  10. Attachment J-2018 Complete Streets Policy (PDF)
  11. Attachment K-Bike and pedestrian access study 2018 (PDF)
  12. Attachment L- 2018 Parking Study (PDF)
  13. Attachment M--2018 Ordinance Permitting Commercial Recreational Uses (PDF)
  14. Attachment N-2018 Ordinance Allowing Alternative Treatment Centers (PDF)
  15. Attachment O-2018 Ordinance Allowing Tattoo Parlors (PDF)
  16. Attachment P-Allows one and two family non-conforming pre-existing structures to be rebuilt (PDF)
  17. Attachment Q-2017 Ordinance Establishing Shade Tree Trust Fund (PDF)
  18. Attachment R-Requires Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (PDF)
  19. Attachment S-Allowing Leasing of Unused Parking (PDF)
  20. Attachment T--Allowing sidewalk cafes (PDF)
  21. Attachment U-2018 Revisions to the sign ordinance (PDF)
  22. Attachment V-Eliminating Parking Trust Fund (PDF)
  23. Attachment W-Green Development Checklist (PDF)
  24. Attachment X-2007 Stormwater Management Plan (PDF)
  25. Attachment Y-2009 Historic Preservation Plan Element (PDF)
  26. Attachment Z--2010 Housing Plan Element (PDF)
  27. Attachments AA-2010 Bike and Pedestrian Plan (PDF)
  28. Attachments BB--NJTPA Bike and Pedestrian Access Plan (PDF)
  29. Attachments CC--2018 Complete Streets Policy (DOC)
  30. Attachments DD-River Center Vision Statement and Action Strategy (PDF)
  31. Attachments EE-Map of Area in Need of Rehabilitation (PDF)